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曹锡华数学论坛 -几何和拓扑分论坛
Fixed point indices and fixed words at infinity of selfmaps of graphs
张强 副教授(西安交通大学)
2020年9月26日 9:00-10:20  腾讯会议ID: 529 881 266

*主持人: 邹燕清 青年研究员
*时间: 2020年9月26日 9:00-10:20
*地点: 腾讯会议ID: 529 881 266


Indices of fixed point classes play a central role in Nielsen fixed point theory. Jiang-Wang-Zhang proved that for selfmaps of graphs and surfaces, the index of any fixed point class has an upper bound called its characteristic.
In this talk, we study the difference between the index and the characteristic for selfmaps of graphs. First, for free groups, we extend attracting fixed words at infinity of automorphisms into that of injective endomorphisms. Then, by using relative train track technique, we show that the difference mentioned above is quite likely to be the number of equivalence classes of attracting fixed words of the endomorphism induced on the fundamental group. Since both of attracting fixed words and the existed characteristic are totally determined by endomorphisms themselves, we give a new algebraic approach to estimate indices of fixed point classes of graph selfmaps.
ballbet体育 As consequence, we obtain an upper bound for attracting fixed words of injective endomorphisms of free groups, generalizing the one for automorphisms due to Gaboriau-Jaeger-Levitt-Lustig. Furthermore, we give a simple approach to roughly detecting whether fixed words exist or not. This is joint work with ZHAO Xuezhi.

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